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Writer’s Block – what do you do when it strikes?
For weeks now, I’ve been plagued by writer’s block. You know, when thoughts won’t come; when fingers stall at the keyboard; when minds draw a blank; when scenes for your book escape you; when you pull out your hair because you don’t know what to write… What does one do when writer’s block strikes?
In an interview, Nora Roberts said she found the idea of writer’s block baffling. She has more ideas for writing than she could ever possibly write.
Halfway through The Rescue, Nicholas Sparks suffered writer’s block. The Rescue was his first novel to debut at #1 on the New York Times best-seller List.
Toni Morrison, author of Beloved, says in an interview that she disavowed that term. Even though it took years to write Beloved and there were years when she didn’t get a single word down, she was still at work.
5 ways to overcome:
1. Pack your bags. Go on vacation. There’s nothing that a good rest won’t cure.
2. Watch a good movie. See how writing comes alive on the big screen.
3. Take a walk. The fresh air will work wonders.
4. Throw a cook-out. Invite all your friends over. Good laughter will free the mind.
5. Listen to the radio. Music can inspire the soul.
If you’ve tried all of the above, I’d say you really have a bad case of dreaded writer’s block. Rest for a few days and pray that you will overcome the dilemma!




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