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The year 2012 proved an interesting eye-opener for me. Like most, I suppose, there lurked ups and downs, highs and lows, surprises, shocks, heartaches, disappointments, hopes, wishes, and joys, all in no particular order.

In 2012, I learned invaluable lessons, most of which I already knew or heard about anyway: It’s unfortunate that sometimes we can’t trust people we don’t really know; people are people, and there’s no one else more important than yourself; learn to love you; people who are in your life are there for a reason, and those who choose to leave weren’t meant to stay anyway; do the things that make you happy; continue to learn and grow; seek God’s purpose for your life; it’s not about how long you’ve been on the planet but about what you did while you were here; age is truly just a number (at my age, I feel like I’m just beginning to live). And in the words of one of my sons, “You only get one shot at this life.”

Holiday Reflections

English: A bauble on a Christmas tree.

The holidays are always a blessing to see, as my favorites come at the end of the year – Thanksgiving and Christmas. Every chance I got, I stared at the Christmas tree, basked in the delicious feeling that warmed my heart as I sat at the table, faced the tree with a mug of hot chocolate. Right now I’m thinking that Christmas should come more than once a year, as then is when some people truly learn the spirit of giving – learn that it’s better to give than receive.

There’s nothing quite like Christmas when you’re a child; it’s exciting and thrilling. I remember how depressed I felt to discover that there really was no Santa Claus, how guilty I felt when one of my sons exclaimed that he had seen Santa and his sleigh; not to mention his question, “If there’s a Santa Claus, then why can’t you get what you want for Christmas, not what your parents can afford?”

What a joy to experience Christmas through the eyes of my grand-daughter, now over two and a half months old! She loved the Christmas tree, almost as much as I did, I think; she enjoyed seeing colorful, twinkling lights, pulled at decorative ornaments, and her face beamed when we drove through neighborhoods to let her view Christmas scenery. I couldn’t help but smile when she said, “I’m going to buy you Christmas!”

I love Christmas so much that I wonder if it would be bad luck to put up the tree again before Christmas? But I guess every month and every day hold something special in it that there wouldn’t be time for an early Christmas. As for the New Year, I should learn foremost to enjoy the moments…

As you reflect on 2012, what stands out in your mind?


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