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Blind Man, Part II

shades-300x240The blind man and I met for the first time, face to face.

I was anxious to see this person who made me feel so alive in ways that no one else had.

His words moved me.

The gentleness in his voice stirred me.

His kind words endeared me to him.

When his fingers caressed my face, Continue reading


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I Believed

Someone once told me that my eyes were magical.
When I glanced into the mirror,
I saw the magic

He said my smile was sweet.
When I gazed at my reflection,
My lips looked full and soft
Like fresh, ripe strawberries,
Delicious enough to eat.

My teeth gleamed pearly white.
My hair sparkled with sunshine.
My cheeks blushed a radiant pink.
I was beautiful, he said, Continue reading

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Ben’s Choice


More Flash Fiction

My sister Regina is smart, pretty, and sexy; Me, I’m average.
When we were little, we shared many things – books and secrets . . . She’s had many admirers, boyfriends galore. Now we both love Ben. He’s tall and handsome with brown, gentle eyes that see inside my soul. I’ve felt the pressure of his lips. I love the feel of his strong embrace. Blindfolded, I can trace the structure of his face – the strong jaw; high cheekbones; cleft in his chin.
Tonight Ben must choose. It’s either Regina or me.
I turn on the swivel stool, smooth on scented lotions. I brush my hair until it glistens, pull fish-nets up long legs, slide into black lingerie.
In the kitchen, I’ve prepared dinner. Dessert’s in the fridge; red wine, chilling on ice; the candle-lit table, set for two.
Outside the weather turns ugly, dampens my mood. Rain slides like tears on the windowpane. Lightning hurls, and thunder booms.
I walk to the sofa, peer out into the night, see headlights Continue reading

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I Care

Star pencil

Teacher: Who is the most important person in this room? (The students all look at each other.)

Teacher: You are. (The teacher’s eyes scan the room.)

Teacher: Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. Believe in yourself. You can do and be anything you want, but it’s got to live in your heart – your dream. And right here in this very room sit businessmen, real estate agents, actors, doctors, lawyers, rappers, singers, whatever your heart desires . . .

Teacher: (The teacher goes to the board and draws space, includes the moon and stars.) To me, you’re like an arrow – swift and strong and straight. If your dream burns in your heart, you shoot toward the stars; your eye, on your goal. But if you detour Continue reading

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My Harry




I climbed in my car and drove; to where, I didn’t know; wasn’t sure where I could find him, never knew where he lived.
I wouldn’t call him an oddball, my Harry. It wasn’t queer that, out of nowhere, he’d turn and lick my cheek. Sometimes he’d sit at my feet and stare. I laughed out loud. I found his gestures endearing, and they warmed my heart.
I remember shared meals and quiet moments when I rustled my hand through his hair. Continue reading

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Unblocking Writer’s Block

The discouraged Nenene suffering from writer's...

Help! Writer’s Block strikes again!

Okay, so I’ve been fighting writer’s block for quite a while. It’s no fun. It’s boring, defeating, dreadful, terrible, irksome, miserable. Need I continue?

To me, it’s like being a trapeze artist, only when you swing out to reach your partner’s hands, you miscalculated and hit dead air.

Close-up of Theaker von Ziarno, trapeze artist...

It’s being a student in writing class; the assignment, write a 5-paragraph essay; only there’s ten minutes left, and you haven’t begun.

It’s comparable to sitting in Math class with a two-page trigonometry test, but you haven’t any clue as to how to work the problems.

What is writer’s block? It’s having a strong desire to write, but words won’t flow; Continue reading

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Just Saying


I awakened this morning to the chiming tunes of dripping raindrops. I peered out the window, saw wet ground and cloudy sky. Tempted to snuggle beneath covers and float on wispy dreams, I tossed that thought aside and contemplated something very precious – life.

This morning, one of the world’s most sexy women won’t wake – shot to death while sitting on the toilet in her boyfriend’s home on Valentine’s Day. The question: premeditated murder or tragic accident? Let’s hope the latter will prove true.

If I turn on the news, there’s more of the same – death, violence, ill against each other . . .

When creating black moments for book characters, one doesn’t have to search deep into the imagination, but look at real life. Truth is weirder than fiction; that has become all too real.

Human life is precious. Let’s treat it as such.

Take time today to show someone how much you truly care.

Just saying . . .

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Comfort Zone

Hi All,

The Comfort Zone (album)

I just read a friend’s blog over at Word Wranglers. If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do. She’s talking about Comfort Zones, so I thought I would entertain that same thought here. You know, it’s very easy sometimes to stay put in our comfort zones. I really want to say that it’s very easy to stay trapped in our comfort zones and hard to try things that are new and different.

Just recently, I took a workshop on writing flash fiction. I had the opportunity to write super-short stories that were 250 words in length, on up to 1,000 words max. I had a blast! It was super fun, but not necessarily super easy. The task was the same as writing a full-length short story. The short fiction pieces needed a hook, conflict, and resolution, but with a twist at the end.

Speaking of comfort zones, I leaped totally out of my comfort zone and experimented with writing paranormal and historical fiction. I found these new genres quite fascinating. So sometimes, I’d say, experiencing the new can stimulate and spike writing!

Here is a sampling of my flash fiction writing! Please leave a comment and tell me what you think.

First Date


Arsoleen Woolcock

Mirrors don’t lie. They reflect what they see.

I’m beautiful – soft, caramel-colored skin; tawny eyes with gold flecks; lithe, slender body; long legs. Dressed in a tight-fitting, hip-hugging dress, I expect Dwayne’s head to spin.

I twirl my long, luxurious, waist-length tress. Wow, if it weren’t narcissistic, I’d be in love with myself, so I couldn’t blame a fellow for finding me irresistible. But thinking I’d have sex with him on the first date? Well, I’m not that kind of girl. The corners of my mouth curve into a smile. Tonight Dwayne would find out exactly what kind of girl I am.

Almost 8 o’clock. I have a date to keep. I wonder if he’ll still reek of fear? That’s why I enjoy meeting at Park Central. Most men know about the murders. Dwayne knew. I could see it in his eyes.

I grin, lick wet hungry lips. Continue reading

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My son Tim

“Life is like one big test: At the end of it, you’re in Heaven or hell.”
I agree with my son’s statement. That is our last test, and we either pass or fail.
“Better yet,” I told him, “there are a series of tests that are ongoing in our lives. If ever we don’t pass, we get up and brush ourselves off, move forward. Sometimes we may need to change course.”
To me, life is like climbing a tree (just an analogy). It’s hard. Some of us scooch up the trunk; some leap Continue reading

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Computer feestje

Yippee or Boohoo!

Today I received 8 spam comments; the numbers are definitely on the rise for one day. As George Jefferson might say, “I’m moving on up.” To date, I’ve received  93 Spam comments and only a handful that I could publish. Now what does that tell me? Hmm…not sure.

What are your thoughts on Spam?

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