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Ben’s Choice


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My sister Regina is smart, pretty, and sexy; Me, I’m average.
When we were little, we shared many things – books and secrets . . . She’s had many admirers, boyfriends galore. Now we both love Ben. He’s tall and handsome with brown, gentle eyes that see inside my soul. I’ve felt the pressure of his lips. I love the feel of his strong embrace. Blindfolded, I can trace the structure of his face – the strong jaw; high cheekbones; cleft in his chin.
Tonight Ben must choose. It’s either Regina or me.
I turn on the swivel stool, smooth on scented lotions. I brush my hair until it glistens, pull fish-nets up long legs, slide into black lingerie.
In the kitchen, I’ve prepared dinner. Dessert’s in the fridge; red wine, chilling on ice; the candle-lit table, set for two.
Outside the weather turns ugly, dampens my mood. Rain slides like tears on the windowpane. Lightning hurls, and thunder booms.
I walk to the sofa, peer out into the night, see headlights Continue reading


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Food for Thought

I sat in my vehicle, watched people come and go. I saw short people; tall people; people with gray hair, brown hair, black hair, blondes; people with wigs and ponytails; old people, young people, children.

The Mystery of Compassion
I wondered what they’d do or think or say if I walked up to them and said, “I love you.” Continue reading

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Three Rainy-Day Poems

Write rainy-day poems!

Rainy days – I love them! I curl up on the couch and peer outside, watch the rain pour, listen to its drumbeat on the roof, hear “ping” on a tin can, see drops slip-slide down wet, slippery window panes. Rainy days – days when I’m so relaxed and calm that words, phrases, thoughts, pictures, and emotions run rampant. So let the rain fall, glide, slide, hop, skip, drop, slither, ka-plop, pour! Bring it on!

Poems, whether created on a rainy day or not, appear somewhere in each of my books. It’s how my writing began – with a  poem, then on to short stories and then to novels.     

1. What Greater Love

What love is greater than a mother’s,

For a mother’s love is faithful and true?

It shelters, protects, influences, guides.

It is far-reaching, knows no boundaries. Continue reading

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        Hello! I am Arsoleen Woolcock – author, mother, reader, lover of books!! 

          Have you ever read a book, loved it, and wanted to know more about the author? Have you ever been full of questions, such as “How long did it take the author to write the book? Where did the idea come from? How often does the writer write?” That happens to me all the time. Then, of course, there I sit Google-ing author facts. 

         The purpose of this weekly blog is to showcase books and to take a behind-the-scene sneak peek into the lives of authors who bring us their tales,stories, and books. So I hope that you will tune in to discover another interesting read, another interesting author, and their “wryterly” advice on writing. Also, I will share with you on The Wryters’ Block a taste of my own writing through poems and short stories.

          If you find that this this site has something to offer, I personally invite you to subscribe! Connect with me on Facebook! I welcome all comments and emails. You can email me at and, of course, here at The Wryters’ Block.

          Before you go, I’d love for you to comment on my new blog. Yes, the question has to do with the name. As we all know, it’s not a good feeling to have writer’s block. What do you think of the name The Wryter’s Block? Leave me a comment. I would love to hear your thought!

          In the meantime, Happy Reading and “Wryting”!!

         Arsoleen Woolcock

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