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Who Is Arsoleen Woolcock?

I am the mother of three sons – Winston, Timmy, and Chris Woolcock. My sons mean all the world to me, of course. So first and foremost, I am a mother. That’s one of the hardest jobs the world over. Being a mother is endless. I think I can write a book on the joys and woes of motherhood. I laughingly tell my sons that when I look into the mirror, every tiny line and fine wrinkle is of their doing!

Career-wise, I have taught in the public school arena for a number of years in grades 4th through 8th. What a rewarding and satisfying profession! I have had the opportunity to meet and teach a lot of wonderful kids. Every day I’d tell them to never give up. Never give up on your dreams. Hold fast to dreams as Langston Hughes’s poem attests. It is my belief that in all persons living and breathing, there is a hope and dream buried in their hearts. If that dream is the focus, it can come to fruition.

I credit my love for reading and books to my elementary school librarian. Her voice was soothing and beautiful, and she read to us fairy tales and folktales and I loved them immensely. I knew that one day I wanted to write. I wanted to use words to move someone to laughter or tears. I wanted to create characters that readers would love or hate. I wanted to become master of my characters’ fate.

In 9th grade, I began to write seriously. I pondered the age-old question, “Were good writers born or made?” I didn’t know. I only knew I wanted to write, and good writing doesn’t always come easy. Writing is a craft, and with practice and hard work, it can be perfected. But we never stop learning. We never reach the point where we can never learn anything new.

I began to write short stories, and I got rejections. My goal was to write a book anyway, so I told myself that a book was a series of short stories. I sat down and penned Perfect Love. When I finished the last line, I jumped up and raced outside with my children fast on my heels. I screamed and laughed and acted like a kid on Christmas morning. And when Christmas did arrive, it was a Christmas present to find my book contract from Dreams Publishing Company in the mail.

In my eyes, writing a book was a major achievement and a lifelong dream. As a school teacher with the work load of a busy ant, I had only the summers in which to write. The book had taken three summers to complete. Earlier this year in 2012 a second book was published by Dreams entitled Through Angel’s Eyes. I feel quite blessed, and I hope that I will have the opportunity to write many more books in the future.



  1. How did your students react when they heard you’re a published author? That must be a great inspiration for them.


    Comment by bronxboy55 | March 9, 2013 | Reply

    • My students thought it was so cool! They were always bursting with questions about the publishing process. My GED students I now teach are in awe! The good news is they do look up to me, and one of my former students will soon be published as well!


      Comment by Arsoleen Woolcock | March 9, 2013 | Reply

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